Writing The Methodology Of A Research Paper

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Similarly, mentioning power calculation is a critical point to be mentioned in the Methods section.

If relevant, early in the Methods section mention whether your study was approved by the ethics committee or institutional review board, and whether you have received oral/ written informed consent from the patients or the guardians.: Clearly mention not only the control variables, independent variables, dependent variables but also if there were any extraneous variables that might influence the result of your study.

For clinical research, providing a detailed rationale for selecting the exclusion or inclusion criteria can be a good idea to present early in the Methods section.

If you took a conventional or widely used method, you certainly don’t need to appear stating the obvious, but for less conventional approaches sharing your reasoning of the study design instantly makes the readers curious and engaged with your paper.: To help the readers follow the study design or methodology better, visual elements like the schematic diagram, flowchart, and table can be used in this section.

For example, why the author is using a one-tailed or two-tailed analysis.

For the sake of brevity, avoid listing the details of the experiments that are widely used or already published in numerous articles in your field of research.

For example, the heading of the section “Materials and Methods” may need to be changed to “Patients and the Method” to follow the guidelines of your target journal or the name of the institutes could be omitted for the journals that do not prefer open-label reporting.

Also, you may be expected to follow a particular style guideline like the one published by the Biomedical researchers would benefit from using the checklists for different study types to ensure the essential details are included in the Methods.

They help in breaking the monotony and making the absorption of complex information easy.

Secondly, the information in the methods section is closely scrutinized by the journal editors and peer reviewers to assess whether the most appropriate technique was used to reach your research goal.


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